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Who Are We:

SJO OutReach, LLC., is a community outreach and engagement organization that serves individuals, groups, and communities. We work to promote healthy relationships, social growth, positive life coaching, and consulting that lead to commitment, perseverance, accountability. SJO OutReach was founded in 2014. Shon and Jikkiko saw the need to address issues that plague the community, such as: unhealthy relationships, absence fathers, eroded life skills, basic bible literacy and more. 

Our organization is dedicated to strengthening and creating lasting change in our communities to create a more hopeful future for all. SJO OutReach's goal is to help individuals, families, and communities reach their fullest potential so they may have more positive outcomes, while enjoying their life fully and participating as productive citizens. 

As an organization and as the individuals who are associated with it, we affirm that our passion is unmatched for what we do. Our hopes and prayers are that our local outreach will have an global impact.



Our Mission:

We exist to engage, equip, and empower individuals, families, and communities through outreach, relationship building, social development, consulting, coaching, and training.



Our Vision:

Is to see individuals, families, and communities transformed through healthy relationships, and community development that help people become aware while building their capacities for the enhancement and improvement of their community.  



We Help People Succeed!

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