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 Empowerment Coaching

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As Your Coach

It is our mission to help you successfully navigate your life transition. Our coaching is a combination of life skills principles, teaching and spirituality. With years of experience, we will help you set attainable goals. we will hold you accountable and we will give you the tools to maintain your newfound mission at personal growth and fulfillment.


Why Should you choose us?

  • We believe that you already possess the tools to succeed. It is our job to clarify and align you with the methods to sustain your goals

  • We are available and dedicated to support you in between meetings through email, text and phone.
  • We combine coaching, life skills and spirituality to help you succeed.
  • We are invested in helping you to execute your goal. Our clients get unstuck and balanced in long-lasting ways


How does coaching work?

The fee schedule offers varied plans, depending on your unique needs and the level of support you desire. When you book your coaching session, you will be required to provide your contact phone number and email. We will contact you via phone/email. New clients must sign a standard Coaching Agreement.

One-on-One Coaching. This is for individuals who need solution-based coaching that focuses on a direct issue. The focus is to end the session with quantifiable takeaways that can be realistically executed.

Dating and Relationship Coaching. We support individuals and couples in learning vital skills for relating. We help you to develop conflict resolution skills, communication, roles in a relationship and more. 


Family Life/Parenting Coaching. We empower families/parents to achieve their self-identified goals and highlight the characteristics of your family. 

Life Skills Coaching. We help you find success. 


What Life Coaching is NOT We’re not Therapists, Mentors, or Consulting. As Certified coaches, we don’t give advise or solutions, but believe that individuals and organizations have all the tool within them. As a coach, we help enable and self-discover the best version of YOU!


Let’s Get Started

Individuals, couples, or families interested in Coaching may schedule a free 25-minute consultation if necessary. If you have additional questions, call (412)-499-2801 or email



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