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Royal Ball of

Beaver County 

October 4, 2020

Why this event?

The Royal Ball of Beaver County Committee was formed in efforts to engage, equip and empower our youth socially, educationally and culturally. Our hopes are to produce productive, well-rounded young people ready to enact change which benefits our community and society at-large.  We believe this event will bring unity to Beaver County!

  • This is not a pageant or competition​

  • This is not affiliated with any school district

  • You MUST be available to attend The Royal Ball

  • There will be Beaver County appearances

  • You will be responsible for selling tickets and ads

  • A scholarship is available to other winners

  • And much more!!! 

General Instructions and Qualifications for Applications:

  1. Grade Point Average must be 3.00 or better. Verified with signature of Principal or Guidance Counselor.

  2. Applicant must be a High School Junior or Senior in the Fall.

  3. Three adult references are required. (No family or friends)

  4. Essay must be attached (Why should I be chosen, at least 150 words, double spaced, 12pt font)

  5. Applicant must live in the Beaver County.

  6. An application fee of $50.00 dollars must accompany application. In the event an applicant is not accepted, the $25.00 fee will be returned. After each applicant has been accepted, NO fees will be refunded.

  7. Deadline to apply is:  July 1, 2019

The King & Queen will receive a $1,000 scholarship and a trophy!

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